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Google Apps Engine | The secret to scalable custom applications


Do you have a complicated spreadsheet that you're using to house some of your most important business information? Has that spreadsheet become a necessary part to your business workflow? As your organization continues to grow, that spreadsheet that once seemed simple to maintain quickly turns into an unscalable and inefficient tool.

To meet business needs that are not met through these complicated spreadsheets or other standard applications, Cloudbakers' developers create custom solutions. Whether you're looking to enable a mobile workforce, report on data from a legacy system or enhance operations, Cloudbakers' application development team will come to the rescue.

The case study that you are about to read shows the transformation, of one of our clients, from an unreliable and time-consuming paper and pen process to an exciting, automated, and scalable workflow that has contributed to their successful status in the solar industry. A custom application was all it took.


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