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Being a G Suite Certified Administrator is something every IT admin should be looking to achieve. Google provides you with an in-depth study guide to prepare for the exam, but we want to offer you something more.

The test isn't about memorizing terminology. It's about understanding concepts.

To completely acquire the skills needed to manage a G Suite domain, you need to ask questions. And who better to answer those questions than Cloudbakers' Deployment Team? They know all too well what it takes to excel in the G Suite Admin Panel and their goal is to make you succeed also.

Whether you are a current Cloudbakers client or not, here's our challenge for you:

Steps to get the Google Apps Admin Certification

Interested? Sign up for the wait list, and we'll send you the next available spot to come to the Cloudbakers office to learn everything from organizational units and access to security, mobile policies, and groups.

Price: $395 / person (*10% discount on 2 or more users from the same organization)

Location: Cloudbakers Office | 641 West Lake St. #301 Chicago, IL 60661


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