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Guide: 10 Qualities Every CIO Should Have

Top Qualities of a CIO | Cloudbakers

Why should you read this?

Whether you're a progresive-thinking CEO, CIO, or any other member of the executive team, this one is for you. This guide will give you an easy and helpful way to either evaulate yourself or someone who's working for or with you. Use this to motivate every individual on your leadership team to keep standards high and continue your company's growth and success.

Here are a few of the top 10:

  1. Ability to develop deep connections with IT business partners and customers

  2. Team-builder, recruiter, collaboration facilitator & can successfully evaluate talent

  3. Balance between focusing on efficiency and adding value to the business, while understanding that value means more than just the exchange of products and $$$

  4. Knowing how to innovate in the complex global market


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