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Chrome Webinar Series

Part I - What is Chrome? Why does it matter?

Completed: Watch the Recording here

What problems do Chrome solutions solve? Who do these solutions work for? This high-level overview of Chrome's capabilities will answer these questions and more. Financial savings, management, security, and device demos will all be incorporated. 

Part II - Managing Your Chrome Environment

Completed: Watch the Recording here

Our second webinar digs deeper into the capabilities of the Admin Panel. We provide a better understanding of customizations, device & user management, networks and security. This is essential for anyone already using Chrome who wants to better manage their time & team. 

Part III - Chrome Devices Wear Many Hats

Completed: Watch the Recording here

The applications of Google Chrome are numerous. Whether it's public sessions, digital signage, kiosks, primary workplace devices, etc., there is an applicable use case for everyone. The webinar shows examples of the most frequently leveraged applications in industry-relevant contexts. 

Part IV - How to Solve the Microsoft Problem

Completed: Watch the Recording here

Many companies are hesitant to dive into Google's solutions because of a long lasting dependency on Microsoft. This webinar will cover the parallels between Chrome & Microsoft and show you clearly that the transition is nothing to fear. 

Part V - Google Signage Webinar

Completed: Watch the Recording here 

This one has been quite popular! Google's Digital Signage solutions can display content across numerous device types and is easily tailored to your business's specific environment. Whether you're advertising to your customers or providing important reminders and scorecards internally, Google Signage is an innovative way to get the right content to the right people.


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