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Google focuses on your tools
so you can focus on creativity.

Promote your clients' brand like you promote your own.

One of the biggest key needs for media companies today is time. What if a simple change in email platform or even web browser could gain you minutes -- even hours of time? With G Suite on the Chrome browser, you can put as much time and effort into your clients' brand as you do your own, and vice versa. 

Keep all branding consistent with Drive and always have the most up to date versions available, no matter where you are or what time of day you're working.

Have one large knowledge base for centralized information

Media companies thrive on communication. Whether you're collaborating with your clients or internal team, G Suite provides the best of tools. Use Google Hangouts to hold video conference calls with anyone (even if they're not using the Google Platform) and view any related documents right within the same window.

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Managed Deployment & Monitoring Services

Ready to move your organization to the cloud? Make your migration to SaaS cloud-based systems easier with services that include:

  • A customized Change Management program 
  • Executive support and ongoing training
  • Review of daily audit reports
  • Strategic adoption tips for media-centric companies

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