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Cloud Security Video Series

Part 1: How to Vet a Cloud Solution to Ensure It Meets Your Security Standard

Mitch Greenwald | CloudbakersGuest Speaker: Mitch Greenwald, Founder of Cloudbakers
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When selecting a cloud solution, it is important to protect key areas of business & choose a solution that addresses all of your security concerns. Legal standards, the nature of your data, employee preferences--many angles come into play. Learn how to identify key aspects of cloud solutions that will help you select an appropriate, secure option for your business.

Part 2: 2 Steps to Enabling 2-Factor Authentication

David Speicher | Aspire IndianaGuest Speaker: David Speicher, Aspire Indiana
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Hackers are relentless--it is safe to assume there is constantly someone trying to get your passwords. If they succeed, the consequences can be catastrophic. While not everyone has the money for password managers or time for extensive courses in cybersecurity, everyone can easily implement 2-Factor Authentication. Join us on the 4th to find out what it is, how to implement it, and why this is the right first step for security.

Part 3: Phishing Attacks & Online Malware

Christiaan Brand | Google SecurityGuest Speaker: Christiaan Brand, Google
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Organizations have been under attack across industries. This is no new phenomenon, but it is an increasing one. Simply clicking a link in a phishing email can lead to an entire business being shut down until they agree to pay a sum of money (ransomware). Learn how to mitigate such risks and stay ahead of the malware curve with a Google Security Specialist in our third session.

Part 4: Data Loss Prevention: Controlling the Cloud

Michael Praino | BetterCloudGuest Speaker: Michael Praino, BetterCloud
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Data security goes much deeper than 2-Step Verification & a backup policy. Organizations serious about retaining and protecting all of their data should consider Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies that ensure total data recovery in the case of an emergency. These advanced data security solutions will be explained in full in our final session, including first-hand experiences from clients currently implementing them. 


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