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Invest in your employees

Increase end-user productivity

Reduce your IT tickets

Get more from your G Suite technology investment

The Challenge: Google adds new features to the G Suite platform at a continuous rate and it's hard to keep up.

The Solution: Cloudbakers Trained G Suite Specialists have summarized and simplified the most helpful enhancements and created a plan to get your team up to speed quickly.

  • E-learning: Wherever their desk is for the day, your employees can use and learn about G Suite
  • Session choices: Every session delves into three essential G Suite products and promotes transferable skills. Our menu will help users sign up for the right sessions
  • Solutions: We present relatable scenarios and show all of the resources used to get results
  • Short and sweet: Sessions are 30 minutes long with a 15 minute open Q&A period.
  • Summer exclusive: Dates run throughout the summer starting week of June 12th
  • Stellar deal: 6-month access to our incredible training portal for additional on-demand learning of 40+ G Suite courses

How it works:

  1. Cloudbakers sends you the details including a communication plan
  2. Your Team presents the Summer Series to your employees
  3. Your employees sign up for the sessions that interest them
  4. Cloudbakers reminds them of their selected sessions
  5. Your employees attend multiple virtual webinars for quick wins
  6. Each participant gets a digital badge
  7. Cost: Equivalent to one Slurpee per person ($3 per user)


Your ultimate summer journey schedule:

Story of a Summer Outing: Communication
Wednesday, 6/12, 3:00 PM CT
Wednesday, 8/7, 10:00 AM CT

Story of a Summer Outing: Planning
Tuesday, 6/18, 3:00 PM CT

Summer Vacation: Preparing for out-of-office time
Wednesday, 6/26, 10:00 AM CT
Thursday, 7/25, 3:00 PM CT

Road Trip: Access G Suite On the Go
Wednesday, 7/11, 10:30 AM CT

Summer Activities: Planning for a Group
Tuesday, 7/16, 10:30 PM CT

End of Summer. Back to the Grind!
Tuesday, 8/13, 10:00 AM CT

Tools featured: Gmail, Chat, Meet, Forms, Sheets, Calendar, Docs, Mobile Apps, Drive, Tasks, Keep

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